Happiness is a choice…

Happiness is a choice we all have, believe it or not.

Yes life is hard sometimes.  It can creep up behind us and smack us over the head with a baseball bat or it can walk right up to our face and abuse us but we all have a choice to react or respond.

Choosing to respond in our own authentic way shows we are growing to be the people we want to be.

Reacting comes from fear, based on our subconscious belief patterns created from past experiences.  Learned behaviour put there by our family, friends, teachers & society.

So choose happiness at every opportunity.  Even if your head tells you that you do not deserve to be happy – YOU DO!
We all deserve to be happy, it’s our right from the moment we are born.  Spend time doing the things that make you happy, spend time with the people who help you feel happy, forgive yourself for your past mis-takes CHOOSE HAPPINESS!

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