New Year, New You

I love the way each day gives us a new opportunity to create the life we want and to achieve everything we have set out to do.
The fact that a New Year gives us a heightened version of that opportunity is something that has always motivated me.

2017 was an amazing year by all accounts, my outward experiences matched my positive mindset and the few negative experiences I witnessed were fears and anxiety already deep inside me. This proves that by keeping my mindset positive and starting my day right I can shape the life I want and minimise the negative experiences further still.

My Coaching business is picking up nicely, I have seen some lovely people recently who have all provided positive feedback. It’s amazing to be able to give people a different perspective on situations and see them actively choose to change that situation for the better. Thank you all for being part of that last year.
January sees a number of Goal Setting Sessions booked in and I can’t wait for everyone to experience the same focus & growth that I have had since using this method.

My website has been updated with 2018 prices and offers so take a look and sign up for the free 30 minute taster session if you want to find out more.

So, as I sit here in complete silence my thoughts are turning again to 2018, what will it hold. I used to wonder that on New Years Day in the past, what is around the corner, what will happen to me next. This time it’s a different perspective on that.
What do I want to happen to me next, What do I want to experience next.
So for 2018 I will grow my Coaching business, I will fine tune my Morning Routine to ensure momentum builds from the moment I wake. I will eat healthier, exercise more regularly, spend more quality time with my children and generally have fun.

Fun includes chilling the F out, we are all often too uptight to enjoy every moment. The journey is the fun bit, setting goals and dreaming is the fun bit. We have to learn to chill out and trust that these things we want will come to us. If we stop having fun and doubt them….then they won’t. Why would they?

So lets start 2018 and make it the best yet.

Focus areas:

Morning Routine – write it down, tweak it, change it, just do it and commit to it
Daily planning – Plan your week and month and check it daily. Make sure you allow time for you too.
Task list – write down all of those tasks you have been meaning to do. Prioritise it and pick one a day to action. Eat the Frog and choose the difficult ones first. Lets get this stuff done this year.
It’s important not to overload yourself – just one a day will see most people make more progress than they did in the previous year. That’s growth right there.
Personal Development – take a class, a trip, read. Anything that you have always wanted to do/learn. Last year this was Golf for me. This year it will be Golf + something new. If you have just thought “I don’t have time” you are right. You never will until you look at it and see it as important. Then time will appear.

I am here to help you all make sense of this. If you are ready to make 2018 your best year yet – give me a call or email me.

Happy New Year to you all

07384 708069

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