The Experiment

I didn’t get time to finish this Blog on Friday so here it is to kick start the week with a little positivity.

The meeting for Soul Shift on Tuesday was a good one, we discussed how we could do more and reach more people. Look out for more from us as we move forward.
If you haven’t yet heard the show head on over there now using this link Soul Shift Radio and either listen to an episode or use the orange button top right to subscribe to the show.  Let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday went well, my aim was to spend some time last week visualising a positive result for Tottenham (nickname Spurs). So each day I spent some time imagining myself walking out of Wembley Stadium chatting to Dan about how great the game was and how we deserved the 3 points from the win.
Something else I had spent time thinking about was the journey home, I love going to these events but in the past getting home has been a dread of mine. For days before an event it would creep into my mind about how much of a pain it would be getting back.
This time any thought that wasn’t about walking out celebrating the win or getting home in a reasonable amount of time then I shut it down. Pulling my attention back to whatever task I was completing. This enabled me to choose the thoughts I wanted, visualising the walk from the stadium to the station. Smiling, laughing, talking about the great result and just taking one step at a time to get home without any hassle.

So here’s what happened…

I met Dan at Wembley Stadium around 5pm. We decided to get some food and have a drink before the game which was great as it gave us a chance to catch up. Dan had been on an amazing holiday to Florida and I was looking forward to hearing all about it.
We went for the classic pre-match meal of Burger and Chips, Dan loves a bit of spice so went for the Piri-Piri topped Chips which were hot enough to make my eyes water when the waiter brought them out.
We chatted about holiday and football, work and golf.  Usual guy stuff – which was great for me as it’s been a while since I have had guy time. Sounds a bit dodgy but you know what I mean.

We took our seats early to soak up the atmosphere which was created totally by the Dortmund fans who had flags and drums, they were signing and jumping and there was still an hour to go before kick off. Amazing when you consider there is no alcohol served inside the stadium. They kept this up for the entire game by the way – maybe it’s because they are so happy at their season ticket prices.
If you want to stand during the games (which most appear happy with) you would pay 235 Euros for 17 home games + 3 Champions League games.
Dan and I paid the equivalent of 85 Euros just for the three Champions League games.
The cheapest season ticket for Tottenham this year is 760 Euros.
So 845 Euros vs 235 Euros at Dortmund. German football have it right.

Back to the experiment…

The game started at 7.45 after listening to the spine-tingling Champions League anthem. If you are into football or sport in any way then experiencing this from inside a great stadium at least once is a must do.
Instantly I notice my Ego trying to share its nerves with me, bringing in past experiences like last season when Tottenham didn’t win a single game at Wembley or the fact that Dortmund are so much more comfortable on the ball and seem to know exactly where each other are going to be when they look for a pass.
I pull my attention back to the amazing stadium, the atmosphere and how much I love football and this experience. The Universe works fast when you are having fun…4 minutes into the game and Tottenham score from a ridiculous angle. 1-0 Spurs.
OK I’m a little more settled now and parking any negative thoughts becomes a little easier…until the 11th minute when Dortmund score a brilliant goal.
I smile to myself thinking this is a good test and continue to think positively and enjoy the occasion…15 minutes 2-1 Spurs, an almost identical finish to the first…and breathe!

Half time comes and Spurs are 2-1 up despite Dortmund having 67% possession.
I spend the break taking in the surroundings and pulling my attention back to being in the NOW. My Ego is working overtime thinking about the journey home, how 67% possession is massive and if that continues it will be hard for Tottenham to stay ahead. My comeback rate was improving, no sooner had the thought come into my head that I had been able to re-focus my eyes and mind on something that was real rather than something that I was making up or worrying about in my head.

The second half starts and it’s clear Tottenham had finally got the message, they were hustling more, keeping the ball better and were much more aligned with my visualisation!
Dortmund had two disallowed goals in the second half so it was a little hairy at times but in the end Spurs increased their lead to win 3-1.
What happened next? Dan and I left the stadium energised by the result talking about how great a result it was.

Hold on, wasn’t that the vision?

I saw this quote from a Dortmund player after the game and it made me smile “They probably don‘t know themselves how they have scored two goals in that first half.” Well maybe I do 😉
We are the dreamer of our dream, I dreamt Tottenham won and they did.
Surely that’s just a coincidence…well yes it could be but true or not I had fun with my Law of Attraction experiment and the result was exactly what I was looking for.

The other area I was going to visualise last week was the weather for my Golf match on Friday. Calm, clear skies was the plan. Below is a photo from sunny England on Friday.
I visualised the weather, a win and a good time with new friends. The result…exactly that including a new trophy.

This may have legs…


After the fun I had last week I am looking forward to learning more about the Law of Attraction on Wednesday evening and using it in all areas of my life.

Focus Areas w/c September, 18th 2017

  • Spend an hour a day on my coaching courses
  • Include my Ego in my life so it feels part of the journey

Have a great week everyone


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