The Universe Has Your Back

WOW…What an Inspiring woman Gabby Bernstein is.

I had become aware of Gabby through listening to Hay House Radio last Summer which had been recommended to me by Carolyne in one of our sessions.

Being curious about this new way (for me) of thinking about happiness I searched for more. Gabby had just released her new book The Universe Has Your Back so her face was everywhere and lets be honest who wouldn’t want to see more of her!
I read the book last year and loved her stories and how real she sounded, not happy clappy but real life situations, real life ‘shit’ to deal with. It was easy to connect to her even just through her words.

Listen to the show Thursday on Soul Shift (Soul Shift Radio) as I’m certain Carolyne and I will be discussing some amazing things that happened Saturday but I will just touch on a couple here now.

Future Tripping

I was so happy to hear Gabby talk about this as it was in complete alignment with a the topic I have been teaching.
On Friday I wrote about the need to focus on what you have and not what you don’t have, to live in the now and not in the past or future. I loved that she went one step further and gave part of it a cool name like Future Tripping.

It’s that moment when you realise your thoughts have wandered off to a place in the future that hasn’t happened yet but your Ego is so clever at showing you visions that you start to believe it has happened already.
It tells you things like “my husband won’t like the fact I am coming home from shopping with three bags of clothes” he will say “what about all of the clothes you haven’t worn in your wardrobe” “how much was it all”. Then you will continue the conversation in your head deciding how much you will tell him you spent, how the clothes you do have don’t fit or look right.
Before you know it you have prepared for a full blown argument, figured out your excuses, justified the spend, have ten different scenarios from the past about him wasting money just in case you need to fight back and you send yourself into a negative, low vibrational spin.
You have even watched the movie of it all playing out in your head – Future Tripping.

The Universe doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what isn’t so if we are thinking thoughts like that and visualising that happening then it’s going to happen!

My Mum does it a lot, “What about this?” “What if that happens?” “What will you do if…”
You get what I mean right?
Don’t worry Mum, we all do it. It can be hard to relax and trust that everything will be ok but just pull your attention back to now and make a cup of tea!

The other area I will touch on is Judgement.

I like to think that I do not judge other people, I am kind and respectful of everyone I meet from all walks of life. However, being honest with myself and allowing myself some time to observe my thoughts I would grade myself ‘could do better’.
That in itself is a Judgement and this is my area to work on. I judge myself all the time.
I talked about it before, I should be doing this or that, shouldn’t be doing this or that. Time to give myself a break and be kind, stop judging myself for things I have done in the past. Nothing I have ever done has been to deliberately hurt anybody so why beat myself up.

When observing myself I would find that I still judged people for silly little things like a guy punching above his weight or somebody having piercings or tattoos. Who am I to judge because I genuinely do not see those people as any different.
It’s learned behaviour again, things we observe from everyone around us as we grow up – it shapes us.
So I’m not going to beat myself up for it, just observe when it happens and stop – both internally and externally.
Try it for yourself and let me know how you get on.

So this week is a busy week.
Tuesday – Carolyne, Erica and I have a planning session for Soul Shift. We have some great ideas of how we can grow to help more people and after Saturday all three of us are working hard to remove the shackles of FEAR so that we can come together and let our lights shine. After all, Gabby did say “the moment you accept that we are not in this for ourselves everything changes”. We are here to help raise the vibration of the world and that is what we will continue to work towards. One person at a time.

Wednesday – I am off to see Tottenham v Dortmund at Wembley with my friend Dan. This will be a good test of my Law of Attraction skills huh, visualise walking out of Wembley having watched Tottenham dominate the game and win comfortably.

Friday – I have a Golf competition with the Hursley Golf Society which will be great. The weather is changing in England so I’m visualising calm, clear skies.

Whatever you are up to this week I hope you are kind to yourself and spend your time and energy on the things you want to be doing as you can’t get that time back.
Most of all I hope you have FUN.  “The Universe works fast when you are having fun!”

Focus Areas w/c September, 11th 2017

  • Judgement – observe and stop judging
  • Visualise – ONLY focus on the life I want to create
  • Live in the now – stop feeling guilty about the past and no Future Tripping



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