Living in the Now

It’s been a tough week for the morning routine, I haven’t felt as motivated as I normally am. Maybe it’s the change in weather, maybe it’s fatigue from being back at work after the summer or maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks on me.
Getting up has been harder which has delayed my getting out into the world.
I’ve been doing more planning and thinking which is both a good and bad thing.
Good in that I know what I am doing each day, Bad in that there have been far too many thoughts to get clarity on certain areas.

I added something back into my routine this week. The five-minute journal.
It’s great to spend 5 minutes thinking about gratitude and writing down on paper some positive things you want to happen that day.
At the beginning of the page there is a quote, this week one of them said “Acknowledging the good you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance”.
I’m going to break this down a little more.

Acknowledging the good – sometimes it can be hard to focus on what we have rather than what we do not have. On the positive attributes instead of the negative.
I used to wake up and focus on not having my kids with me, every…single…day. Multiple times in a day actually.
I used to focus on the things I hadn’t done. Allow thoughts in my head about what I had done wrong in the past or was fearful about for the future.
All normal right?
Acknowledging the good means to me, wake up and remember that I have two kind, funny, beautiful children who bring happiness to not only me but everyone they come in contact with.
Choosing to focus on the things I have achieved, no matter how small. I helped that person or I cleaned that room. Anything that is positive.
Allowing only positive thoughts is a tough one and something that I have become so much better at. I still catch myself sometimes believing the hype that my Ego tells me to keep me contained in the past or future.
I would say at my lowest point I had about 80% negative thoughts, now its only 5%.
Making myself smile there as I was originally going to put “I think now it’s 5%” but stopped because it could have just been my Ego tricking me into thinking it was low so that I stopped working on taming the little bugger!
It is about 5% though. Very few negative thoughts come into my head and when they do I can move quicker to a place of positivity.
If you are feeling that this sounds familiar and is difficult for you to move from negative to positive give me a shout, I can help.

So back to the quote…

You already have in your life – Focussing on what you do have rather than what you don’t is the key to remaining positive.
I have my kids in my life, they are there. Believing any thought in my head that they are not is a complete lie – so I stopped listening and stopped believing it.
We focus on not having friends, family, money, time, health – anything and everything.
We have the ability to choose to focus on what we don’t have or what we do have. Focus on something nice you have in your life – a friend, an item of clothing you like, an element of your job you enjoy, the last time you had a great night out or conversation with someone close to you. Even the last film you watched that made you laugh.
If you are still struggling go and watch that “Charlie bit my finger” video on YouTube, guaranteed to make you smile at least!

Write a list of all of the things you are grateful for, this is a great way to remove the negative thoughts and bring attention back to positive things you do have.

Is the foundation for all abundance – this bit I see as the confirmation that if you want to be happy and attract all of the things you desire in this world then focussing on what you do have (living in a positive state of NOW) will do two things;

  1. Move your general state of mind from a mostly negative one to a mostly positive one. JB says that all we need to do is to get from 49% positive & 51% negative to a 51% positive & 49% negative. That is a good start but I suspect most people at times feel like it’s 80%-100% negative so the effort required to move to a mostly positive mindset is much more difficult. That’s where you need techniques to help you get started, techniques and people around you to combat the cheeky little bugger that keeps you in that mostly negative mindset. More on the Ego in a future blog.
  2. Attract more of the same into your life. If most of our thoughts are negative we vibrate at a lower level, what do we expect other than to attract more of the same. If we stand in front of someone and shout at them what do we get back? A person shouting back at us. If we stand in front of someone and smile they smile back (in England this happens only after they have finished feeling uneasy and wondering what the hell is going on).

Abundance will come depending on the vibration you are operating at – create a foundation that is built on being appreciative for all you have in your life and you will be much happier and be in a positive state of mind to attract more of the same.

I didn’t even get chance to tell you about the Law of Attraction course that started this week. I will share more as the weeks go on but I can’t wait to practice some of the techniques.
Parking spaces, fountain pens & money – all things we heard stories about being ‘attracted’ into lives when following the simple techniques.

Holly Willoughby, Holly Willoughby, Holly Willoughby…sorry I’ll finish the blog before practicing.

Enough for now, off to speak the weekend with Gabby Bernstein.


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