Law of Attraction

I didn’t get chance to update on my focus areas during the blog on Friday after going off on a tangent so here we go.

I went back to work on Tuesday after 2 weeks out but instead of following the standard practice of drowning in a sea of red (email) I moved everything to a folder for safe keeping – after all I did have people covering me while I was out and if anything wasn’t handled I’d soon hear about it right?

My typical morning routine consists of the following, I have adapted it as time has gone on – adding things when required and taking out anything that didn’t feel it belonged.

6.15am Get up
6.30am Walk/Run/Meditate/Mindfullness
7.00am Plan for the day & week
7.15am Learn Spanish on Duolingo App
7.30am Breakfast
8.00am Shower
8.30am Read

Sometimes I’ll move things around but these are all things I try to achieve before starting work at 9am.
I am currently focussing on Coaching courses as much as I can and ensuring I allow for one hour a day to research coaching methodologies or attending courses I am working through.

Right now it’s JB Glossinger’s Sacred Six course. I subscribed to recently just before he closed it to new members. With the membership comes access to his courses online, which will have to do for now as he’s based in Miami and, as much as I would like to be attending his courses in person, I can’t quite create that much time in my day and week…just yet!
Not sure it’s everyone’s cup of tea as the latest exercise was about visualising your own funeral and written your own eulogy. It was weird at first but lets face it, there is something to be said for living each day as if it’s your last. After all, one day you will be right.
It was strangely satisfying, it gives you the opportunity to think about what you want people to be saying about you, the things you want to be remembered for.

Try it right now, think about what you want to be known for. Is it that you were rich, that you worked hard for the same company all your life or that you made a difference? Be it raising children, doing charity work, creating a company and providing jobs for one or more people. Whatever it is by completing this exercise it affords you the luxury of making it happen before it’s too late.

So for me…I know people will be saying what a nice guy I was. I’m not being conceited but unless you are one of the (very) few people I have crossed in this lifetime it’s a fact.
They will be saying what a great Dad I was, what a good Footballer I was, that I smiled a lot, made people laugh and feel good.
I want more though, I want to leave a legacy. I have plans which I’ll keep to myself right now, one step at a time remember and my next step, my next experience, is to grow my Coaching business. I have first hand experience of the positive changes the right Coach can make and I appear to have some of the same abilities.

This has been something that has followed me through my life. Teachers used to say how caring I was to other children, I remember protecting the younger children at school especially.
In team sports I would lead and encourage the other players to lift their heads and keep going.
As an adult I have helped many people sort their finances, something that comes natural. Now I understand how our mind works I can help with that too, already am in fact with a number of people right now.

So my morning routine has been mostly the same despite being back at work, one day I got up later as I felt I needed the rest. Two mornings I didn’t run but did some form of exercise at other times of the day, being flexible is important too but having a plan to come back to works. See if you can create one for yourself.

Speaking my truth – ok, this one has been interesting. It’s always been a struggle for me. Let me make this clear though, I’m not talking about lying just avoiding conversations to avoid conflict or saying things just to please people over myself.
So this is work in progress. I had some very honest conversations with people close to me last week, the fact that I had to have them is due to how I have handled those relationships in the past. To those people, you know who you are, I will continue to improve in this area and you can help by asking direct questions – to which, I will give a direct answer.

Eating healthy – well the fact I demolished a couple of handfuls of Minstrels just now will tell you I haven’t quite managed this but everything in moderation is good enough for me.  (It is Sunday evening btw, in case you were wondering if I had Minstrels for breakfast!)
Carolyne and I held a discussion on our show the other week about the benefits of being Vegan. I’m not ready for that as I love Steak, Chicken and Fish too much but I am more aware of things now and equipped to make better choices.
Eggs for breakfast & Chicken salad for lunch is a vast improvement for me so definitely calling Kaizen on that one.

Just on that…two of the strongest animals in the world are Gorillas and Elephants – both live off a diet of vegetation. Must be something in it!

This weekend my daughter (Olivia) had a sleepover, she’s 10 but as with most children nowadays (oh no, I did it. Almost as bad as saying “when I was your age”) acts far older. She amazed us this weekend with a lovely film she had made about her brother (Matthew 7).
I’ll put it on the website later as I was so impressed that she did it all by herself, further proof that having access to technology isn’t all bad for kids. I believe you need to educate them and then trust them, we can’t control them when they are not with us so we have to try not to control them when they are.
As I said before there is no right or wrong, no manual just learning on the job and this is one of those areas that our approach seems to work so we will stick with it.

This week sees the kids finally go back to school…that is if the school is open tomorrow, apparently it’s a building site still from all the work they have been doing over the summer.
I start a Law of Attraction course on Wednesday so I’m looking forward to sharing that with you over the coming 8 weeks.
It’s impossible to prove or disprove this law but I have had some positive experiences and I’ll leave you with my favourite – a Jim Carrey story.

Appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show in 1997 Jim Carrey revealed that when he was struggling to get Acting work he would visualise being successful. He wrote himself a cheque for $10 million dollars for “Acting services rendered”, post-dated it 3 years to Thanksgiving Day 1995 and placed it in his wallet. He visualised this regularly and always kept it with him.

He was broke and started visualising originally to make himself feel better, driving to the affluent neighbourhoods in LA and visualising conversations with people who told him how much they liked his work.

Just before Thanksgiving day 1995 he was offered a role in Dumb and Dumber…his pay…$10 million dollars!

Watch the video here Jim Carrey on Oprah

Focus Areas w/c September, 4th 2017

  • Morning routine – bring in some visualisation
  • Speak my truth

Have a good week


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